Friday, May 14, 2010

New Business Cards For a New Era

Today we got our new business cards back from our favorite printer, Greener Printer in Berkeley, CA!

You will notice that we actually printed 4 cards. 2 per person. Stephanie and I decided that we wanted to have a "collect all four" appeal. We each display our design style with the cards. Stephanie's has the more illustrated look (she hand-drew hers) and Bryan's has more or a grid layout.

Without further ado we present our new look. Website to follow later this summer.


Tom said...

The cards look fantastic. Altering the shape of them was a great touch.

Mazz said...

Yes, in order to maintain that hand-crafted feel we cut the notch ourselves.

Tom said...

Ha.. I was going to ask you if you did cut it out, but then the blue card made me think that maybe the paper was from the printer.

Zooboing said...

These are fantastic. Nice, clean subtle and at the same time very bold. Good Work!

Patrick H

Mazz said...

Thank you Patrick. We wanted to have a bold but useable set of patterns for our new branding that worked with our logo.

We plan to integrate these in our new site this summer.